A 300 kW solar PV system has been installed at the Crystal Rock LLC company’s Watertown, Connecticut, bottling facility.

The wholly-owned subsidiary of Vermont Pure Holdings Ltd. Has had 1661 solar panels installed on the rooftop. The solar installation is expected to supply about 28% of the facility’s total electrical needs.

The installation is expected to produce more than 300 MWh of power annually. Vermont Pure Holdings, Ltd. paid $2.2 million for the solar installation project, of which up to $1.3 million will be provided by a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

American Capital Energy, a commercial solar developer, and the Connecticut office of Solar Works, Inc., based in Vermont, handled design, engineering and installation of the solar project.

‘We are excited to establish a renewable power source for our own use as well as for the State of Connecticut,’ said Peter Baker, CEO of Crystal Rock/Vermont Pure Holdings, Ltd. ‘Crystal Rock has taken a significant step in weaning their operations from dependence on grid power. Not only will they be able to reduce their energy costs, but they will also enjoy a healthy return on investment, with significant benefits in the future as these systems have a life expectancy of 25 years or more’, he added.