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The CHP of the Rosenheim municipal utility converts approximately 60,000 tonnes of domestic and industrial waste into energy annually.

Part of a modernisation programme, the company says a primary reason for the selection of its products was the integration of frequency converters as a standard product feature, which avoids water hammer and adapts to the needs of individual plant sections.

Dutch utility Nuon has opened the Schuytgraaf auxiliary heating plant in Arnhem, a back-up facility to the Kleefse Waard CHP/district heating plant that serves the Schuytgraaf residential area in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The 6,000 future households of Schuytgraaf will continue to receive its heating from the main Kleefse Waard plant, with the new back-up facility deployed only during heating power failures, maintenance interruptions or peaks in demand, thus ensuring that the residential area can always rely on heating.