Chinese solar power company Hanergy Thin Film Power Group has made a dynamic debut into the Latin American renewables market by signing deals worth $4.3m.

The contracts were signed with 15 companies from various countries including Brazil and Chile and cover a variety of projects, including the construction of thin film solar chip production lines, plus the distribution of its products such as HanPaper, an on-the-go wireless electricity generator and storage device, and HanPack, a designed backpack equipped with thin film solar cells.

Hanergy president Lv Yuan said Latin America had long been regarded as “one of the key strategic markets for our global business”.

He added: “Since Latin America is a vast region, the high electricity load areas are mostly far from the traditional power stations, therefore, high-voltage lines are required for electricity transmission. Many remote areas in the region face problems pertaining to lack of electricity and high-priced electricity owing to challenges of reaching the grid. To deal with these problems, Hanergy’s wide range of mobile energy products will undoubtedly be instrumental.”

Han Rui, chief executive of Hanergy Brazil, explained: “Hanergy intends to promote local research and development, to understand the varied geographies of Latin America and manufacture products that meet local needs.” He added that Hanergy has “a full-fledged plan to establish an R&D base in Brazil”.