Caterpillar in deal for largest single-site microgrid in UAE

Caterpillar is to deliver the largest single-site microgrid in the UAE.

UAE agricultural company Themar Al Emarat has selected Cat dealer Al-Bahar to supply a 5.94 MW solar-hybrid energy solution to a new farming facility in Sharjah.

The system will provide power for cooling equipment, water chilling, mushroom cultivation and other greenhouse processes in the facility, which will produce mushrooms, lettuce and other crops used and consumed locally.

The climate-controlled greenhouse operation will utilize nearly 23,000 solar photovoltaic modules that generate up to 2.7 MW of solar-powered energy, plus five Cat 3412 diesel generator sets that will supply 3.24 MW of power.

The system will be supported by a 286 kWh/250 kW grid stability module supplied by an energy storage system and bidirectional inverters.

A microgrid controller will autonomously manage the entire system and use Cat Connect Remote Asset Monitoring for the real-time collection and off-site monitoring of system performance data.

“Energy consumption accounts for the majority of long-term operating costs for technologically advanced agricultural farms that use climate control systems to support production during the summer in the UAE,” said Dr Ghanem Al Hajri, chief executive officer of Themar Al Emarat, which speacializes in hydroponic farming ” crop production without soil.

“By leveraging Al-Bahar’s and Caterpillar’s global expertise in power generation technologies, we have been able to specify and design a customized power solution that helps to make our operations economically viable.”

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