Cat solar microgrid to power goldmine

A Caterpillar solar microgrid solution is to help power a goldmine in southern Africa.

The 7 MW solar field will help power the gold mine, 300km north of Windhoek, in Namibia on behalf of precious metals exploration company B2Gold.

The microgrid will help offset the cost of running the mine’s existing diesel-powered Cat generators.
Cat microgrid graphic
“When complete, we’ll have 256 groups each with 240 photovoltaic (PV) panels covering about 14 ha,” said Francois-Xavier Saury, regionalà‚ business development manager for Caterpillar.

ESI Africa reports an estimate that the grid will save 3.8 million litres of heavy fuel oil, reducing genset operation by 3,170 hours ” a saving of nearly U$2m per year.

“The idea behind installing solar is not to increase power, but to offset the cost associated with fuel consumption and generator maintenance,”à‚ said Cobus van Schalkwyk, head of power solutions for Barloworld Equipment.

“The system also uses more than 250 x 25kW string inverters. The inverters change power from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Utilising small inverters mean that should one go down for any reason, we are only losing 25kW of power at any one time,” said Saury.

Running the whole system is the Cat Master Microgrid Controller (MMC), an advanced technology suite for multiple energy sources. The systemà‚ makes cost management, electricity storage and monitoring the entire system seamless for the customer.

The Cat PV panels are guaranteed for 25 years. However, it is unsure whether the mine will be active that long. “If B2G’s operation stops afterà‚ 10 years, the PV panels will have at least another 15 years of life,” said Francois-Xavier.

“One of the post closure options that B2Gold is investigating is to use the solar field together with the generators to generate power and feed that into the national grid. This will ensure that the legacy of B2Gold remainsà‚ long after the closure of the mine,” said Cobus van Schalkwyk.

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