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Carlsberg mulling energy storage potential

Danish brewer Carlsberg is considering installation of an energy storage facility at its Falkenberg plant in Sweden.

Carlsberg’s director of environment and utilities, Adam Pawelas told the edie Powering Ahead webinarà‚  that the global brewer is in the “early stages” of exploring integration methods for energy storage to support onsite generation.
Carlsberg Falkenberg
During the webinar,à‚ Carlsberg’s director of environment and utilities, Adam Pawelas, noted that storage solutions are being explored by the brewer, but only as one part of the energy matrix.

“At the moment, we consider battery storage a supplementary solution. We are at the early stages and will not be focusing solely on batteries,” Pawelas said. “In some markets, power-load management is a feasible option to be an active player either by us or by a third party.”

“We have some locations where we would like to grow our solar projects where our base load will not be able to consume the installed capacity of those solar PV systems, and there, we will consider the extension of battery storage.”

Carlsberg signed up to the 1.5C emission reduction target set by the Paris Agreement. It currently sources 45% of its electricity onsite. The companyà‚ has vowed to sourceà‚ 100% renewable electricityà‚ and eliminate coal as a source of energy by 2022.