Italy-based flexible solar tile manufacturer Greenflex Energy has won a contract to power digital advertising on outdoor bus shelters.

The contract extension by Italian ad agency Media One follows completion of an initial trial in September, in which Greenflex’s flexible PV technology was installed to power a digital ad at a bus shelter in Rimini.

Greenflex said it has now agreed to install around 20 more solar power systems at bus shelters along the new Rimini-Riccione bus line as the line is completed.

And Media One has asked Greenflex to propose a solar solution for standalone advertising such as billboards, which are not currently lit. 

Theo Chapman, CEO of Greenflex’s UK-based parent company Verditek, said: “We are delighted to have successfully completed this initial trial contract order with Media One, which we believe has demonstrated our solar PV technology as a best in class solution for solar power generation for multiple industries.

“One of the main cost constraints in the rapid rollout of digital advertising boards across Italy is the high cost of connection to grid power,” he added.

“We have now shown that there is an effective low-cost alternative that is clean and green and, most importantly, allows the media owners to install and upgrade their units to 24/7 advertising opportunities without having to wait to be hooked up to the grid.”