BIPV for North Carolina sheet metal plant

Hamlin Energy Solutions has installed the largest building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) laminate rooftop power plant in North Carolina at its sheet metal fabrication plant in Benson, N.C.

‘Hamlin knew installing this BIPV power plant was a smart decision for our operating model, and the tax incentives offered by North Carolina make it especially viable and practical for industrial and corporate organizations within our state,’ said Will Hamlin, executive vice president, Hamlin Energy Solutions.

A typical 20,000 square-foot commercial roof can support a 100 kW system using BIPV laminates. The energy generated by Hamlin’s roof will result in a cash benefit of approximately $150,000.

Hamlin will also benefit from the North Carolina tax incentive of 35% over five years and the federal tax incentive of 30% in the first year. Another incentive is accelerated depreciation; the equipment can be fully depreciated in five years.

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