Australian housing project to feature shared solar and storage

An Australian housing project launched this week is set to feature shared rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV), battery energy storage and electric vehicles.

The White Gum Valley project, planned for the city of Fremantle in Western Australia, is reportedly to be the world’s largest test project for this combination of on-site power technologies.

The planned 150 kW of rooftop PV and 300 kWh of battery storage are expected to cover around 70% of the 80+ apartments’ power needs. Unused solar power will be shared with other buildings rather than sold to the grid.

Solar-powered electric vehicles will also be made available for shared community use. à‚ 

Developer LandCorp said the project will include a four-year ‘living laboratory’ research programme in collaboration with the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living. It will aim to monitor the development’s energy performance and share its findings, and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60%. à‚ 

The project has received AU$1 million from ARENA, Australia’s renewable energy agency.à‚ 

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