India sees the opening of an online marketplace dedicated to on-site solar photovoltaic power this week.

Amazon India has launched an online solar energy store that offers customers a range of PV-related products including solar panels, solar lights, USB chargers and a number of other items.
Consumers can purchase solar panels and other PV system components online, including inverters and installation kits.

“We understand that consumer mindset towards energy efficiency and carbon footprint is undergoing a positive change,” said Amazon India director of category management, Samir Kumar.

The Indian state of Maharashtra announced increased solar ambitions last week, including a 25 GW renewable energy target, of which solar PV would be expected to generate around half. Currently, the state has a target of 14.4 GW, which is in line with nationwide targets set under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM)

In the U.S., Amazon has explored the option of utilizing Tesla’s new commercial-scale Powerpack battery system to aid the company’s solar energy objectives.