Alectris and Mase complete technical services project for MENA solar

Alectris, global operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider for the solar industry, and MASE, a MENA solar operations and maintenance firm, have recently announced the successful completion of a three-year milestone project in Jordan. The project saw both firms collaborate to deliver enhanced O&M and asset management services for an 11.5 MW solar project.

Beginning in 2016, the partnership saw MASE take responsibility for field operations and maintenance services on location, while Alectris provided operations and legacy expertise in global asset care along with the ACTIS system.

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As solar development has boomed in the MENA region, operations, maintenance and asset management infrastructure development has struggled to keep pace, limiting long-term productivity prospects. The ambitious partnership model from Alectris and MASE was specifically designed to formalise, expedite and autonomise asset management activity across new solar projects in the MENA region.

Working together, both businesses successfully improved the bankability of the project, which was financed by key development finance institutions operating across the region.

Key to the success of the partnership was the integration of Alectris’ ACTIS ERP system. The software platform for solar PV plant asset management was tailored to the plant’s specific operations and maintenance requirements to facilitate optimisation. All data monitoring streams were gathered under this single platform enabling enhanced oversight into project activity.

Furthermore, the ACTIS platform enabled tight collaboration between Operations and Field Activities by streamlining processes and ensuring transparency and accuracy of information.

“Solar development in the MENA region offers a significant opportunity to invest in clean energy projects,” said Vassilis Papaeconomou, managing director, Alectris.

“But if this market momentum is to be maintained, it’s imperative that operating plants offer security and stability of financial returns. By partnering with MASE, we’ve been jointly able to combine the latest in asset management software with leading experience in services activity. This will ensure that project owners and investors benefit from enhanced and efficient performance reporting and operational management, saving time, reducing costs and ensuring the plant delivers at its optimum. As a result, the plant delivered above expectations with an excellent Performance Ratio and Availability close to 100 per cent over the last three years.”

Tareq Khalifeh, CEO, MASE, commented: “Throughout this collaboration, Alectris has proved to be reliable, dedicated and experienced with a wealth of knowledge that has been indispensable when working in an exciting but challenging market. ACTIS ERP is now the foundation of our operations and maintenance activities and we will be continuing to use the software to further grow our presence in the MENA region”

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