Mosar Baer Clean Energy Limited (MBCEL) has announced the inauguration of its 30 MW solar farm located in the Banaskantha district of the western state of Gujarat.

The solar plant, which incorporates 236 000 thin film modules, is said to be the largest such plant in Asia. The project, which MBCEL worked in collaboration with the Blackstone Group, cost in the region of Rs465 crore ($95m).

The power will be transmitted through two separate 66 kV lines to substations in Anganwada and Dunawada. MBCEL said that the plant

Ratel Puri, chairman of Moser Baer Projects, said: “Looking at the limited renewable resources and growing requirements, we have set up a solar farm project in Banaskantha. We chose Gujarat because it has abundant sunlight. We will also be generating employment for around 350 people from nearby villages.”

The plant will supply electricity to the Gujarat Electricity Transmission Company (GETCO) at $0.25 per kWh.

With 11 MW of existing solar power generation capacity, Gujarat is currently India’s largest solar power producer.

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