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22.5 kW organic BIPV system comes online in France

Engie and organic solar PV technology manufacturer Heliatek today announced the commissioning of what they are billing as the world’s largest rooftop building-integrated organic PV (BiOPV) system.

The 22.5 kWp installation at the Pierre Mendes middle school in La Rochelle, France features 500 square metres of solar film on two different roof surfaces.

Heliatek said the installation represents the first use of its solar films in a rooftop system, adding that nearly 400 self-adhesive solar films with preconfigured wiring were applied in a record eight hours by a team of six people.

The system is expected to generate around 23.8 MWh per year, covering 15 per cent of the school’s electricity demand.

Heliatek said its solar film technology is suitable for the retrofitting market of roof surfaces and facades on existing industrial and commercial buildings, and for energy-saving renovation projects where restrictions on weight, statics, access, insulation, guarantee or penetration of the roof play a role in product selection.

The company is preparing for general market entry and said the school system is “a first step”.

“Light roofs, which usually do not allow for standard PV technology, can now produce green electricity,” said Thibaud Le Séguillon, Heliatek’s CEO.à‚  “This school reduces its carbon footprint and contributes to a more sustainable energy production. Thanks to our strong partner and investor Engie, we were able to realize this exciting project in no time.”

Isabelle Kocher, Engie CEO, added: “Renewable energy is an essential part of our strategy of decarbonization, decentralization as well as digitalization of energy. Almost half of the energy consumption comes from the buildings sector.

“New, and above all existing buildings will have to reduce energy consumption and make energy use far more efficient. Buildings that couldn’t previously be used for energy production will be able to cover their own electricity requirements in the future. With Heliatek’s technology, they will contribute to a decentralized and green energy supply.”à‚