All news, innovation, research, policy and trends concerning the use of solar power in the renewable energy mix. Topics will include solar panels or photovoltaic PV array, solar cells, solar storage, as well as solar hybrid solutions. This section will cover solar tenders and auctions across the world, as well as commercial solar PPA or power purchase agreements.

ovo energy

UK’s OVO Energy enters Spanish prosumer market

OVO Energy has partnered with DER companies Kaluza and sonnen to accelerate consumer adoption of solar energy in Spain.

Mali makes electrification gains with 50MW solar plant

A 50MW solar plant west of Bamako in Mali is now the largest operational plant in West Africa.
solar power

India’s solar market looking bright after positive Q3

Solar installations in India increased by 114% in Q3 2020 reaching 438MW. This is compared to 205MW in Q2 2020.
UK accused of solar ‘blind spot’ over green recovery

Boris accused of solar ‘blind spot’ over green recovery

The UK government has a ‘blind spot’ regarding the further development of solar in the country, according to the industry’s British trade association.
solar power satellite

UK commissions research into space solar power stations

The systems would use very large solar power satellites to collect solar energy, convert it into high-frequency radio waves, and safely beam it back to earth.

US winemaker mitigates power shutoffs with EDF microgrid

US winemaker Domaine Carneros has selected EDF Renewables to ensure its long-term financial and sustainability goals are achieved.
Greece solar

Greece expands renewables with five new solar projects

London-based renewable energy financing institution National Energy Holdings Limited has partnered with Piraeus Bank SA to help Greece to expand its portfolio of clean energy resources.
rooftop solar array

UK’S largest commercial rooftop solar project unveiled

The 6.5MW array is the result of a collaboration between solar company FIMER and Custom Solar UK.
e.on solar energy

The changing face of renewables in South Africa

The current RE industry associations are characterised by technology and territorial competition, and can no longer be seen as representing the broader RE sector writes Chris Yelland.
Greece solar

Bhutan to explore solar energy use with ADB grant

The ADB has approved a $3 million grant to help Bhutan implement a renewable energy pilot project.

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