Solar powered prison for Vermont

AllEarth Renewables has announced that it has initiated construction on nearly 5 MW of projects utilising its dual-axis solar tracker systems to provide power to 12 state government facilities in the US state of Vermont. à‚ 

The facilities include each of the state’s correctional facilities and several state office buildings, including the office of Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin.à‚ 

The ground-mounted solar systems will provide emissions-free, net metered solar electricity for each facility at below market rates through long-term energy contracts, and represents the state’s largest public solar initiative to date.à‚ 

Each of the 500 kW solar projects will be constructed utilizing AllSun Trackers, which track the sun throughout the day to maximize energy production.à‚  They are manufactured in Williston, Vermont by AllEarth Renewables.

The initial three 500 kW projects, which are scheduled to be completed in 2014, will each feature 1560 SunPower 345 W solar panels manufactured by SunPower, a solar technology and global energy services provider based in Silicon Valley, Calif.

The initiative will produce more than 7 million kWh of energy for state buildings each year.

‘The combination of our premium, American-made dual-axis trackers with high performance SunPower solar panels is a perfect match,’ said president and CEO of AllEarth Renewables David Blittersdorf.à‚  ‘By utilizing our tracking technology with high efficiency SunPower panels, we can maximize production within the state’s net metering limit, boosting the total solar savings for the State of Vermont and the economic returns for each project.à‚  It’s a real winning combination.’à‚ 

Governor Shumlin visited Northeast State Correctional Facility in St Johnsbury, Vermontà‚ today where the first 500 kW project featuring AllSun Trackers and SunPower solar panels is under construction.

‘SunPower’s high efficiency solar panels will maximize production of cost-effective solar power for the State of Vermont, reducing long-term operational costs,’ said Howard Wenger, SunPower president, business units.à‚  ‘As a SunPower dealer, AllEarth Renewables has demonstrated a commitment to delivering quality solar solutions, and we’re looking forward to their continued success in years to come.’

AllSun Trackers produce up to 30% more energy than fixed ground-mounted systems and up to 45% more energy than rooftop systems per kW installed, Sunpower claims.à‚ 

The initial 1.5 MW of projects are being financed by the Alternative Energy Development Group based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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