Four heliostats have been installed on a garden wall in Belgium to provide heat and light to an apartment building.  

LightManufacturing of California delivered the solar array (pictured) which has been designed to shine light into North–facing windows. These windows normally get no direct sun, but with the addition of the heliostats get warmth and light for hours a day.

According to the company the client reports ‘when mid-day temperatures are hotter than 20°C we target the light onto the balconies. When mid-day temperatures are colder, we shine right into the apartments… to bring extra heat into the building.’ 

Each heliostat reflects up to 1300 W of heat and 115,000 lumens of light. LightManufacturing created the H1 to support its solar plastic molding systems, which make products like water tanks and boats without using fossil fuels. The firm began receiving inquiries about the heliostat as a stand-alone product, and responded by offering its H1 heliostat for sale to the general public.

‘We’ve designed it as a robust, industrial-strength tool for larger architectural clients and solar thermal projects,’ says CEO Karl von Kries.