Siemens preparing for surge in German utility-scale storage

The German utility-scale electricity storage market is expected to grow by 5 per cent a year and increase to $1.1bn in value by 2019.

Siemens is in agreement with that data supplied by Bloomberg New Energy Finance with Frank Buechner, chief of Siemens’ Energy Management Division telling the Bloomberg news site the company expects demand for its battery storage systems to grow as much as 5 per cent annually into the foreseeable future.
Frank Buechner, chief of Siemens' Energy Management Division
“Demand for utility-scale storage is much stronger than it was even just one or two years ago,” Buechner said in an interview in Leipzig. Germany‘s plan to push renewable power to 80 percent of all electricity generation by 2050 “is a given and unthinkable without storage,” he said.

Thanks to its Energiewende policy, Germany has abundant renewable energy but that plenty has made it essential for the country to focus on storage as a means of managing new patterns of power generation and consumption.

According to BNEF installed capacity is expected to leap almost 50-fold by 2024 to 4.8 gigawatts.à‚ 

Siemens has developed a modular battery system that utilities can deploy in cascades as large as 100 MW. Each individual lithium-ion battery comes in 1-2 units.

Siemens has also recorded sales of energy management products and services as having risen 15 percent to $12.6bn last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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