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Scotland set for renewables output record in 2011

This year could see Scotland record its highest ever renewables output, producing almost a third of its electricity from renewable sources by year-end, reports The Guardian newspaper.

According to the latest Energy Statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), over the three quarters of 2011, Scotland delivered 94 per cent of last year’s totals.

The Scottish government confirmed that, if the trend continues over the fourth quarter, 2011 will be a record year for renewable electricity in Scotland.

It added that the country’s goal of 100 per cent green energy by 2020 is also on track, as the statistics reveal sufficient capacity in Scotland to meet its interim target of 31 per cent of electricity demand from renewables in 2011.

Installed capacity reached a record high of 4.3GW over the year.

The DECC figures also show that the amount of electricity from renewable sources in the UK’s overall energy mix increased by almost 12 per cent on the previous year to 7.45 TWh.

Meanwhile, the contribution of coal and gas fell by around 4 and 6 per cent respectively to 19 TWh and 38 TWh, with nuclear shooting up 21 per cent to around 16 TWh.

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