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Scotland’s renewable generation drops

Figures released by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that the amount of electricity produced in Scotland from renewable sources slipped for the first time in seven years due to low wind and rainfall.

Scotland’s government has pledged to have 100 per cent of the nation’s electricity needs provided by renewables by 2020, although critics say DECC figures suggest this may be unachievable.

The DECC report said that electricity from renewables in Scotland fell to 9515 GWh in 2010.

“The low wind speeds and rainfalls during 2010 saw reductions in generation,” found the report.

A surge in installed wind turbines brought a rise of only 6 per cent in the amount of electricity generated by wind. Low rainfall cut hydro production by a third.

About 20 per cent of Scotland’s electricity currently comes from renewable sources, mainly hydro and onshore wind farms.

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