Atlantis Resources, a Singapore based marine renewables developer, has announced that it has connected the first commercial scale tidal power turbine into Scotland’s central power grid.

It has installed the 1 MW tidal power turbine at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Scotland.

Atlantis Resources said that the system was equipped with a rotor measuring 18 meters in diameter. The company claims that the three-bladed horizontal-axis AR1000 will be among the world’s most powerful single-rotor tidal turbine, delivering 1 MW from tidal resources moving at speeds of about 2.4 meters per second.

The system weighs approximately 1500 tons and stands about 22.9 meters tall on a seabed mounted tripod foundation.

An earlier device had to be removed from the water last year after a manufacturing flaw in its experimental hybrid rotor resulted in delamination of the blades.

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