Scotland greenlights floating wind demonstration project

A floating windfarm to be built off the Scottish coast has received planning consent from the country’s energy ministry.

The Dounreay Tràƒ¬ demonstration project will feature two 5 MW turbines from Swedish developer Hexicon. It will be located 9 km offshore at Global Energy Group’s Nigg wind park in the Highlands. à‚ 

In the Hexicon design, rather than discrete floating turbines, a multi-turbine foundation platform (pictured below) is anchored to the seabed with mooring lines or chains. The company says the technology “enables the platform to align with the wind direction, maximizing energy yield from free wind” and allowing for deployment in deeper waters further offshore.

The project now needs to reach the final investment decision. Commissioning is planned by the end of September 2018.

Jack Farnham, Consents Manager with project developer Dounreay Tràƒ¬ Ltd, said the technology “is potentially deployable in many more locations around the world than conventional offshore wind.”

Marcus Thor, the project’s Director, added: “We are grateful that Scotland is taking positive steps to lead in the development of this innovative technology.”

Earlier this month Scotland approved a 50 MW floating wind project to be built off the coast of Kincardineshire. The project will feature up to eight semi-submersible turbines and is also aimed at facilitating deployment further offshore.



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