Schneider Electric launches uninterruptible power supply for harsh environments

Schneider Electric has today unveiled a full industrial uninterruptible power supply for harsh environments.

The company says the Gutor PXC is “Ideal for rugged and outdoor settings such as marine and offshore environments and climates with extreme temperatures”.

The equipment protectsà‚ critical equipment and industrial applications from damage due to power outages, surges, and spikes while providing short-term battery power during an outage.Schneider Electric unveils uninterruptible power supply for harsh environments

“Due to the solution’s standardized and flexible design, facility managers, engineers and contractors now have the ability to deploy a reliable and turnkey solution in a dramatically shorter time frame and at a lower cost,” the company said in a statement.

Schneider Electric’s Bernhard Kiechl added: “In today’s industrial infrastructure environment there exists a whole range of mission-critical systems that need secure and reliable power protection against the electrical effects of harsh elements.

“The Gutor PXC provides the utmost reliability, safety and efficiency to protect critical equipment in remote and rugged conditions, where downtime is not acceptable and where other uninterruptible power supply à‚ systems fail to deliver.”

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