RWE sets up new European central control center


RWE has set up a new control room to optimise monitoring of onshore and offshore wind energy assets across multiple countries in Europe.

The new control room conducts several services including turbine monitoring, resetting faulted turbines, providing safety services, acting as a control point for sites in the UK, enacting grid curtailments and providing emergency response for the sites. 

The control center houses 120 employees and supports 1,750MW of renewable operational stations across the UK, either fully or partially owned by RWE Renewables.

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The operation center is a former office of E.ON.

The need to open a new control room arose after RWE acquired renewable energy assets from E.ON, a development which has expanded the utility’s portfolio of renewables.

RWE is committed to investing à‚£5 billion by 2022 in low carbon technologies with an ambition to be carbon neutral by 2040.

The European Central Control Room will support the new business 24 hours a day.

David Saunders, Control Room Engineer, said, “The rebuilding of a working control room was extremely challenging, largely due to the change in dimensions of the room, location, and building services. However, the team and contractors worked together to create a fantastic working space, using lessons learnt during the previous 12 years of operations.”

The work required included; modifications to the building heating and ventilation system, installation of UPS power supplies, improved IT that gives greater stability and allows greater remote support, hardware and software updates and a layout that offers a healthy workstation for employees. 

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