Rooftop solar array is US state’s largest

A solar photovoltaic system that supplies electricity for an Ikea furniture store in Centennial, Colorado, US is now the state’s largest single-use rooftop solar array.

Ikea, which powers many of its stores with on-site renewables, recently doubled the size of the Colorado store’s original solar array, adding a 623-kW system from installer REC Solar to the original 498-kW system ” which was already the state’s largest commercial rooftop solar system.

IKEA solar array

The new system features 2492 solar panels occupying 77,760 m2. The store’s total solar system now amounts to 1121 kW, generating 1701 MWh of electricity per year and saving 1200 tonnes of CO2. à‚ 

The 38,555 m2 store, which opened in 2011, is also the first Ikea store in the US to feature a geothermal heating and cooling system, from Denver-based Geothermal Systems of Colorado. A vertical geothermal field, featuring 130 wells each 152 metres deep, lies under the store’s parking garage.

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