Renewables close to meeting demand in Uruguay

Electricity production from renewable energy sources enabled Uruguay’s state-owned UTE to cover the majority of demand last year, reports Noticias Financieras.

According to official figures from the Administracion del Mercado Electrico (ADME), power generation from renewables, including hydroelectricity resources, met over 83 per cent of demand last year.

However, although the use of non-traditional resources, such as wind, solar, biomass and biogas, all increased there are growing concerns that their growth rates are not fast enough to keep up with Uruguay’s energy demand.

In 2013, electricity demand rose by 2.48 per cent, reaching 10,289 GWh.

Local newspaper El Pais emphasized the important role the country’s hydropower fleet played in meeting demand last year, boosted by high levels rainfall.

The power output of the Salto Grande plant, for example, doubled last year.

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