#RenewableEnergy explodes on TikTok

Image by Pixaline from Pixabay

The world is going greener and social media is doing its bit to spread the word about all things sustainable. There’s a revolution happening on TikTok with users sharing environmentally friendly hacks and tips and educating others about sustainability, and the audience is huge.

According to Uswitch.com, there are 1.3 billion views for videos on TikTok using the hashtag #recycle, 956.3 million views for #ecofriendly videos, and 385.1 million views for #environment videos.

Some of the top accounts posting about the environment and green energy are: @getwasteed, @electric_miggs and @thegarbagequeen.

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Uswitch.com looked into which topics are being shouted about most on TikTok and discovered that the most viewed videos about green energy are tagged #renewableenergy with a huge 31.1 million views. Videos using this hashtag include facts about renewable energy sources, local examples of renewable energy in use, TikTokkers explaining how they use renewable energy in their day-to-day lives, and much more.

The second most popular hashtag is #cleanenergy with 21.3 million views on the platform. Popular videos under this hashtag include overviews of new clean energy and design, such as Slovakia’s solar powered benches that charge your phone.

In third place is the hashtag #greenenergy with 20.4 million total views on TikTok.

Completing the most popular videos are:
4 – #solarenergy ” 14.6 million
5 – #windenergy ” 8.8 million
6 – #solarpanels ” 7.6 million
7 – #sustainableenergy ” 5.8 million
8 – #geothermalenergy ” 165,500
9 – #biomassenergy ” 16,300
10 – #hydroenergy ” 2,400

Furthermore, Uswitch.com found that these views are increasing rapidly. Videos tagged #recycle have had an extra 13,000 views over a three-day period, whereas videos tagged #solarpanels nearly doubled in views in this timeframe.

Overall, there was an increase of nearly 20 million views for green energy videos in the last three days.

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