The Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman is completing procedures for non-conventional power projects worth $21m. It estimates that this will save 3.1 million litres of diesel a year and help avoid the generation of over 8000 tonnes of CO2.

It said that this investment will lead to 6.6 MW of power from solar and wind power projects. Some of these projects are scheduled to begin by the end of 2011.

The power projects will be implemented in rural areas. The six new projects will enable the Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAECO) to replace 11 MWh, currently produced through diesel, with renewable sources of energy.

The six planned projects include: 500 kW wind power project on the island of Masirah; 100 kW solar project in the Haj region; 4.2 MW of wind power at Seih Al Khairatin; 292 kW of solar power in Al Mazyouna; and 28 kW of solar energy in Al Mithafa. The Rural Areas Electricity Company said 1500 kW would be produced at an unspecified project.

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