Record-setting wind turbine blade arrives at port

A 73.5-metre wind turbine blade is en route from Spain to its home at a German windfarm, its manufacturer has announced.

LM Wind Power said the blade is the largest produced and transported in Spain.

In late October, the blade travelled 45 km by road from the factory to the port of Castellàƒ³n. It is now set to be shipped to the 396 MW Merkur offshore windfarm, located 35 km north of the island of Borkum in Germany’s North Sea.

The windfarm will feature 66 of GE’s Haliade-150 6 MW turbines with hub heights of 102.6 metres and rotor diameters of 150 metres. When completed in late 2018, it is expected to generate around 1750 GWh per year.

In total, 198 LM 73.5 P blades are planned for shipment to the Merkur site. LM said its first blade arrived ahead of schedule with a 3.5-hour transport time, but it expects to shrink this time as the drivers perfect their routine over the coming months.

The transport required over a year of planning and analysis of road conditions, LM said, as well as co-operation with the local police, regional government and the Castellàƒ³n Port authorities.

Laurent Verdier, GE’s offshore wind business project office leader, said an onshore assembly hub was “opened some weeks ago in Eemshaven, The Netherlands, and is ready for receiving the wind turbine main components, including blades, and preparing the offshore installation works that is expected to start in February 2018.”

The hub in Eemshaven is expected to receive a total of 198 tower sections and rotor blades as well as 66 nacelles, which will then be transported to the windfarm on an installation vessel.

The towers will be pre-assembled at the terminal according to offshore project management firm Buss Offshore Solutions, which has contracted with GE Renewable Energy to provide base port services for the windfarm.



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