News and related information about the increased use of renewables and renewable energy sources. This will include details of the energy transition or green transition, green economy and the inclusion solar PV, wind power, hydroelectric energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, biomass, geothermal power and other forms of energy such as tides (tidal) and hot hydrogen fusion into the energy mix. This section will cover policy and regulation around renewables such as the Green Deal, investment news and new technology such as floating solar farms and hybrid renewable solutions. Renewable assets, data analysis of these assets and investment opportunities in the sector will be highlighted.

coal power plant

AES to retire over 1GW of coal capacity in Chile by...

AES Corporation has signed an agreement with the Government of Chile to allow for the closure of 1,097MW of coal generation as soon as 2025.
floating solar PV

RWE and German institutions pilot floating solar PV innovation

With limited data available on the effectiveness of floating solar PV, there is a need for further development of floating solar PV designs and systems.

UN recommendations to ensure global electrification by 2030

New reports released by the United Nations provide recommendations on how the world can tackle energy poverty and ensure everyone in the world has access to clean and affordable electricity by 2030.

Inside the brain of a hybrid power plant

On-site hybrid power plants are a solution for industry and municipalities to control their own energy supply, drive decarbonization, and optimize their energy consumption.
wind farm

Belgium’s Parkwind secures funding for German floating wind farm

Belgium-based green energy company Parkwind has secured funding from multiple financial institutions to implement its first renewable energy project outside Belgium.

IRENA expands renewable energy cooperation with the Chinese government

With the aim to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy to mitigate climate change, the Chinese government has extended its cooperation with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Market volatility in Spain increases trading risks and opportunities

Recent changes in wholesale markets with an increase in renewables and interconnector capacity are expected to increase revenue opportunities and risks for energy traders.
clean hydrogen market

Lack of infrastructure the biggest threat to hydrogen economy – survey

The lack of infrastructure for hydrogen production, storage and transportation is the greatest challenge to market expansion - DNV survey.

Bangladesh risks power shortages by canceling ten coal-fired plants

Bangladesh has announced the cancellation of 10 coal-fired power plants in favour of imported hydropower and LNG.

Four deep geothermal plants announced for UK

UK-based Geothermal Engineering Ltd has announced that it will be rolling out four new deep geothermal power plants in Cornwall, Southwest England.

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