There is speculation that UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is to cut subsidies to wind energy, in a move which is set to halt the expansion of turbines throughout the country.

Ministers are expecting a reduction of up to a quarter in the value of Renewable Obligation Certificates — or “Rocs” — when the Energy Bill is published in a few weeks’ time.

George Osborne

The news came after Oliver Letwin, the Cabinet Office Minister, said in a leaked email at the weekend that the subsidy could be eliminated altogether by 2020.

The email sent to Terry Stewart, president of the Dorset branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, disclosed by The Sunday Telegraph, made it clear that financial support both for onshore wind and solar panels is expected to have “disappeared” by 2020.

The planned changes are bound to lead to protests from the green lobby and electricity firms, which benefit from the subsidies.

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