On-site solar power is the fastest-growing segment of the Netherlands’ booming solar market, analysis has found.

According to market analyst Peter Segaar, Dutch network operators reported 101,326 newly installed rooftop solar systems in 2013, with a total capacity of over 300 MW. Most systems were installed on private homes, with growing eco-consciousness a key driver.
Onsite solar

 ‘It is motivating to see that your neighbour has this. You do not want to lag behind,’ said Edwin Koot, CEO of solar events firm Solarplaza, which will host The Solar Future NL conference in Amsterdam in May.  ‘Moreover, in the Netherlands it is currently more profitable to invest on your roof than to put it in a bank account.’

Other growth drivers include corporate procurement and more than 300 local cooperatives and municipal initiatives. According to Solarplaza, over 300 new solar system suppliers have been reported since last spring, for a national total of over 1100.

The Netherlands’ total solar capacity grew by 82% in 2013, from 365 MW to 665 MW.