Norvento applies for 12 on-site wind power projects

Norvento has confirmed the submission of twelve new sites for planning permission, for wind power projects with six more projects to be submitted before the end of the third quarter.

This number of planning submissions constitutes the most considerable push to date for the Medium-scale wind turbine manufacturer’s UK nED100 100KW portfolio.

UK FiT scale onshore wind faces a number of challenges, and with a potential review into the support mechanism taking place this year, the leading technology of Norvento‘s low-noise, compact, direct-drive turbines puts them in a favourable position for rapid planning approval and permission.
While large-scale onshore wind in the UK has seen its Renewable Obligation (RO) subsidy support cut ahead of schedule, Spanish manufacturer Norvento continues to demonstrate its support for the UK FiT market through an ambitious project pipeline.

With sites that encompass a variety of locations ranging from farms to factories seaports and commercial buildings, the company’s latest projects will produce a total of 1.9 MW.

“Despite significant challenges within the UK’s renewable energy sector, we’re finding that there is still substantial interest in the small to medium wind market,” says Ivo Arnàƒºs, Director of UK Business Development, Norvento.

“Crucially, these projects add to the growing fleet of nED100 turbines in the UK and are another step forward towards Norvento’s wider objective of building a 4MW portfolio, which will secure the firm’s status as a significant medium-scale wind power provider.”

Norvento will be showcasing its Cousland site on 23rd of September this year. This open day is designed to demonstrate first-hand the effectiveness, both in financial and environmental terms, of Norvento’s turbines and to allow consumers in south east Scotland to learn more about this increasingly successful provider.

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