Nordex wins 110 MW Turkish wind farm deal

Ulusoy Enerji has selected German renewables firm Nordex to install 23 of its turbines for the 110 MW Sàƒ¶ke wind farm in Turkey.

The wind farm is being built near the city of Aydin in the west of Turkey, where there are average annual wind speeds of 6.5 metres per second. Following completion at the end of 2020, the turbines, with hub heights of 105 metres, will supply more than 286 GWh of electricity per year.

The project is Ulusoy Enerji’s first in the wind sector.

Nordex is having the rotor blades, anchor cages and towers built in Turkey, and manufacturing locally entitles Ulusoy Enerji to higher feed-in remuneration.

The Nordex Group currently has a market share of 26.7 per cent and an installed wind capacity of 2,038 MW in Turkey. Additionally to the 110 MW of the “Sàƒ¶ke” wind farm, the Group is further installing turbines with a total capacity of 266 MW until the end of 2020.

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