New York announces large-scale backing of energy storage

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a state wide energy storage deployment target of 1.5 GW by 2025, eclipsing the current target set by California.

Andrew CuomoThe move is part of a “comprehensive agenda to combat climate change” unveiled on Tuesday which also called for proposals for “at least 800MW” of offshore wind energy projects over two years, the establishment of energy efficiency targets, and the reconvention of a scientific advisory panel on climate change with authorities from other states.

There is also plans to create a community solar PV programme aimed at 10,000 low-income households in the state.

Cuomo committed the state-sponsored NY Green Bank to investing $200m to “drive down costs and strategically deploy” energy storage in New York and NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) to investà‚ more than $60m for pilot programmes and initiatives to remove cost barriers to development, in areas such as interconnection, customer acquisition and financing.

The governor is directing state energy agencies and authorities to work together during 2018 to generate a pipeline of storage projects through utility procurements,à‚ advance regulatory changes in utility rates and wholesale energy markets,à‚ incorporate storage into criteria for large-scale renewable procurements, andà‚ reduce regulatory barriers,” the statement read.

By 2050, the state is targeting an 80 per cent emissions reduction and a 50 per cent share of renewable energy on the grid by 2030.à‚ 

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