New Vestas innovation improves cold climate performance

Vestas has come up with a new de-icing solution for its V112 wind turbine platform, which is to be targeted at cold climate locations, particularly in Europe and North America.

Ice on wind turbine blades can affect power production by up to 20 per cent so Vestas (OMX:à‚ VWS), in response to customer demand developed the solution to ensure that efficiency is not lost.

The Vestas de-icing system (VDS) consists of a heating unit in the hub to distribute hot air throughout the blades. The outer third of the blade and two thirds of the leading edge are fully de-iced. The company has received its first order for four V112 3.3MW turbines to go to a project in Austria. The first prototype is currently being installed in Sweden.

The VDS is integrated into the wind turbine’s Scada system. An algorithm is set to trigger the de-icing when the potential power loss caused by ice becomes greater than the potential power loss while the turbine is switched off for de-icing.

In all the de-icing process across all three blades takes two hours. Only the blades need to be de-iced as the wind measurement systems are already designed to avoid ice accumulation.

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