New partnership to develop techno-economic microgrid software solutions

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Distributed energy company XENDEE Corporation has partnered with independent non-profit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to develop techno-economic microgrid software solutions that support global carbon emission reduction goals.

XENDEE has incorporated RMI’s expertise on microgrid project financing as an integrated part of its microgrid decision support software platform.

This will enable customers to easily optimise a microgrid’s design and operation based on the real lending terms a financier provides.

Customers can also analyse the impact of different loan terms and technology replacement financing options to determine the optimal percentage of a project’s capital costs to finance in order to achieve the life-time economic goals of their project.

Zack Pecenak, Ph.D., lead engineer of XENDEE, said: “A disconnect between real world financing and technical modeling remains one of the largest barriers to widespread adoption of microgrid technologies.”

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Adib Naslé, CEO of XENDEE, said: “The key to reaching global carbon emission goals is alignment between business interests, public needs, and financing opportunities.

“Our strategic partnership with RMI delivers more advanced microgrid financing and design optimization methods to our customers so they can achieve superior business outcomes from clean energy systems for airports, mines, and heavy industry. These entities comprise some of the largest contributors to climate change and thus the largest share of the solution.”

Ned Harvey, principle, RMI, adds: “Integrating finance and technology optimisation at the first stage of microgrid modeling ensures that the project is being designed for real world applications, and makes it easier for customers, financiers, and energy providers to see eye to eye from the beginning through the end.”

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