New England commits to clean energy

New England governors agreement

The six states that make up the US region of New England have signed a pact, which aims to accelerate collaboration towards a low carbon economy.

Governors ofà‚ Connecticut,à‚ Maine,à‚ Massachusetts,à‚ New Hampshire, Rhode Islandà‚ andà‚ Vermontà‚ signed a pact to bring moreà‚ renewableà‚ powerà‚ to their homes and businesses, accelerating national collaboration towards a low carbon economy.

New England governors agreement
The agreement commits the New England states to expanding their renewable energy portfolios and the required infrastructure.

The governors used a joint statement to express the belief that the move will have great potential forà‚ job creation from greater renewable energy investment, saying, “The New England States believe that investments in local renewable generation, combined heat and power, and renewable and competitively-priced heating for buildings will support local markets and result in additional cost savings, new jobs and economic opportunities, and environmental gains.”

Theà‚ Regional Cooperation on Energy Infrastructure Issues agreementà‚ goes on to state that, “These investments will also serve to balance intermittent generation, reduce peak demand, and displace some of the least efficient and most polluting fossil fuel generation,à‚ enabling the states to meet clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals while improving the economic competitiveness of our region.”

The states’ staff will work together to meet the common goals through the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE) in cooperation with ISO-New England, which runs the region’s electric grid network.

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