Mumbai energy consumers to get renewable tariff options

Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India. Photo by shreyas kamble on Unsplash

Mumbai utility Adani Electricity is launching a green energy scheme for consumers to customise their renewable energy requirements.

The Mumbai Green Energy Initiative will enable consumers to source up to 100% of their energy requirements with renewables for the additional payment of 66 paisa (Rs0.66, just under 1 US cent) per unit set by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC).

Alternatively consumers, particularly businesses, will be able to obtain offsets in the form of renewable energy certificates.

Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd (AEML) is targeting sourcing almost one-third of its energy requirement from renewable energies by 2023. Contracts are in place for 700MW of solar and wind generation due to come online from Rajasthan in late 2022.

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A further 500MW, which should increase the proportion up to 50% soon thereafter, is anticipated from additional proposals awaiting approval from the state regulator.

“As the company significantly scales up its renewable energy projects, AEML will empower its customers to choose the source of their energy, making green electrons accessible to everyone and enabling the green energy transition,” says chief executive Kandarp Patel.

“We can guarantee 100% green energy supply and certificates in Mumbai, without any modifications or disruptions.”

The Mumbai Green Energy Initiative is a voluntary programme, open to current and prospective customers. Monthly certificates will be issued to customers stating the percentage of their power requirement sources through renewable energies.

AEML anticipates the initiative should enable businesses to meet their sustainability and carbon reduction goals both within India and globally.

AEML is Mumbai’s largest electricity distributor, serving over 3 million residential, commercial and industrial customers across 400km2 of Mumbai and its suburbs.

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