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Microsoft considers clean energy while tackling carbon issue

Microsoft (NASDAQ:à‚ MSFT) is to take a big step in tackling the carbon emissions produced by its global operations, by setting an internal carbon price to help drive greener decisions, in a move that is expected to be followed by companies of a similar scale.

FT reports that the group is also looking at buying wind farms or other clean power sources as part of a commitment to become carbon neutral in the coming financial year.

The new undertaking, to be unveiled on Tuesday, will include an unusual “carbon fee chargeback” system that will mean business units responsible for incurring emissions from data centres, air travel, offices and software laboratories will be charged an internal fee according to emission levels.

The money will be put into an investment fund the company expects to use for renewable energy and other carbon reduction projects.

A large portion of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by technology companies such as Microsoft arise from their electricity-hungry data centres.

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