Member states on track to meet renewable energy targets, EU report finds

The European Union, as a whole, is on target to meet its 2020 objectives in terms of renewable power, according to a report released today.

Most states are on target but France, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and the UK all need to pickEuro Parliament up the pace.

The European Commission progress report on the Renewable Energy Directive, seen by EurActiv, states that reaching the 2020 renewable energy target remains fully within reach.

The Directive sets a legally binding target for the European Union to fulfil 20 per cent of its energy requirements from renewable sources by 2020. This includes a 10 per cent target for renewable energy use in transport, the Commission recalls.

The overall EU target was broken down into national objectives, which takes account of each country’s potential, but are not legally enforceable – something green campaigners say is a weak spot in the EU’s policy on renewables.

Nineteen member states, including Austria, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Sweden, might even exceed considerably their 2020 targets on the basis of their current policies.

Meanwhile the Commission has expressed doubts about Poland and Hungary’s ability to make their 2020 target. Here, the achievement depends on the future development of energy demand and country-specific financing conditions, the Commission said.

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