New England power supply copes with record demand

Electricity supplies in New England coped with record breaking demand during four days last week, according to ISO New England, the operator of the region's power grid. Last Thursday's demand reached a record peak of 25 158 MW.

Heat wave sends electricity prices soaring in East

Wholesale electricity prices in the day ahead and real time markets in the Northeast soared to triple digits and higher Tuesday because of a heat wave that lingers over the area. Prices were down Wednesday, but demand continued to pressure available supply.

Midwest, mid-Atlantic utilities call for conservation to weather heat

Utilities throughout the Midwest, mid-Atlantic, and New York issued heat alerts Monday lasting through the middle of the week. Many set peak demand records last week. Minnesota's Great River Energy issued a peak alert through its member co-ops for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

With demand up, California ISO calls Stage 2 emergency

With power demand running 2,000 Mw above forecasts, the California Independent System Operator issued a Stage 2 emergency Monday signifying the reserve margin has fallen to less than 5%. The grid operator said power demand is up due to temperatures that are 5-6° F. hotter than meteorologists predicted.

California ISO warns of possible blackouts

Instituting its early warning system for the first time, the California Independent System Operator Sunday warned rolling blackouts are possible Monday and Tuesday and called for maximum conservation efforts. The grid operator said between noon and 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday look 'especially tight.'

New York ISO president calls for new generation

The president of the New York Independent System Operator characterized the state's electricity supply outlook this summer as 'tight, but marginally acceptable,' and prices as stable compared to a year ago. New York's in state supply could fall somewhat short of demand in June, according to William J. Museler, but supply within New York City is projected to just keep up with demand through September.

El Paso to expand pipeline capacity to California, in Northeast

Federal regulators Monday issued El Paso Natural Gas Co., a unit of El Paso Corp., a certificate to convert from oil to natural gas a pipeline that will provide 230 MMcfd of capacity to serve California and the southwestern US. In addition, El Paso unit Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., said it filed a certificate application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to expand pipeline capacity in New England

New UK centre to test wave-powered electric generation systems

The UK's Euro-seas Engineering Services & Testing Ltd. (EEST) said it is building a large scale facility for evaluating and commercializing wave-powered electricity generation systems. The centre is based within the Port of Blyth on England's Northeast coast, adjacent to the UK's first, recently commissioned, offshore wind farm.

No summer blackouts expected in New England, ISO says

The ISO New England said the region should not expect rolling blackouts this summer because generation and transmission facilities are sufficient to meet forecast demand. Demand is forecast to peak at 23,650 Mw breaking a record set in 1999, and installed capacity will be 28,100 Mw resulting in an 18.8% reserve margin, said Stephen Whitley, operations vice-president of the ISO.

Cal State to explore use of marine algae to ‘soak up’...

One possibility for reducing the buildup of gases in the atmosphere that can cause global warming may be to create algae ponds that can soak up the carbon dioxide released from power plants.

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