Offshore wind challenge to protect marine mammals using real-time data

Iberdrola affiliate company, Vineyard Wind, has launched a new Startup Challenge calling for innovative ideas that use real-time data to monitor marine mammals in the vicinity of offshore wind farms.

SINN Power develops floating ocean hybrid platform

The floating ocean hybrid platform can be used “as a complete off-grid energy solution,” generating renewable energy from waves, wind and the sun.
WaveBoost project unlocks tidal energy insights

WaveBoost project unlocks tidal energy insights

A three-year tidal energy project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 has concluded and been hailed a success by its consortium partners.

US offers $22m funding for marine energy research

The primary goal of the funding is to increase the likelihood of commercial adoption of marine energy technologies.

Work starts on Scottish wave energy prototype

Fife-based fabricators AJS Production Ltd will begin fabrication of the 20-metre long Blue Star wave energy converter, designed by Edinburgh start-up Mocean Energy.

Global wave and tidal stream energy production surges tenfold

Global wave and tidal stream energy production have risen tenfold over the last decade, according to a report issued Ocean Energy Systems (OES).

Malin Renewables to supply Scotland’s largest wave energy converter

Marine services company Malin Renewables has secured a £1m contract to supply a fifty-tonne wave energy converter.

How 1.5 MW wave demo project could ‘transform marine energy’

Bombora has now contracted more than 70 per cent of its groundbreaking £17m Pembrokeshire Demonstration Project in Wales. The project is currently on schedule...

Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition launches to boost offshore wind

An international Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition has been formed to advance sustainable deployment of ocean-based renewable energy and mitigate the harmful impacts of...

Why combining renewables could ‘transform the market’

Combined wind, wave and solar arrays will ‘transform the marine renewable energy market driving higher capacity and seasonally consistent energy generation’, a conference has heard.

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