The Maltese government is part of an international consortium that has recently submitted a proposal to the European Commission to be eligible for the funding of a €30m research project dealing with deep offshore wind farms under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

The other partners in this consortium include a mixture of commercial entities as well as government representatives from Scotland, Holland and Sweden. This particular proposal concentrates on offshore wind farm technology in waters over 60 metres deep, which is the case for the majority of the waters surrounding the Maltese Islands.

Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs George Pullicino said that according to the data available so far, the site has potential for low intensity wind turbines. Mr Pullicino explained that an important aspect of this investment, which is going to be funded entirely from the private sector, is an interconnector with Sicily.

This will enable the offshore wind farm, which will generate 90 to 100 MW of electricity, to be directly linked to the national power grid, as right now anything above 40 MW will destabilise the national power grid.

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