Malaysia’s progress in delivering renewables into its power mix were highlighted here at POWER-GEN Asia in Kuala Lumpur yesterday by the country’s deputy energy minister.

YB Dato’ Seri Diraja Mahdzir Khalid said that renewables had “the potential to change the industry” in the ASEAN nations and in particular in Malaysia.

“As a nation that is still in its development stage, Malaysia is faced with an increasing demand for electricity which is needed to drive economic growth while maintaining adequate supply and efficient utilisation of resources with minimal impact to the environment,” he said as he delivered the event’s keynote speech.

He explained that the government has set an ambitious target of delivering 985 MW of electricity from renewables by next year.

The minister added that feed-in tariffs had been introduced in 2011 for solar PV, small hydro (under 30 MW), biomass, biogas and geothermal, and so far 5300 applcations had been received – worth 1079 MW – of which 4500 (805 MW) had been approved.

He added that a Green Technology Financing Scheme had also been set up and to date had approved funding for 131 projects.

And he stressed that as well as a drive for renewables, the government was backing to use of clean coal technology in all new cola plants “to mitigate and reduce the effect of using coal in the fuel mix”.

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