Local authority backs giant offshore wind farm

Offshore wind
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A council in northern England has backed the building of what would be one of the world’s largest wind farms off its coast.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) planning committee voted in favour of proposals by developers Forewind for up to 600 turbines at Dogger Bank, which have the potential to power up to 1.8 million homes if it gets the go ahead from the UK department for energy an climate change.

Offshore wind power

Members agreed that the project, located 77 miles (125km) off the East Yorkshire coast would provide “significant contributions to increased provision of renewable energy” and not have the visual impact of onshore schemes or those closer to coastlines.

Forewind has held public meetings around East Yorkshire as part of the company’s consultation for the scheme.

If the project gets the green light, it would connect into the national grid at an existing substation at Creyke Beck, near Cottingham, East Yorkshire, the developers said.

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