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Live debate, 9 July: ‘Greening’ existing infrastructure vs new clean energy projects

Join the Energy Council in the first edition of a new Webinar Debate Series. Twice a month, industry leaders will debate today’s key issues during a 60-minute interactive session. Topics will range from ESG investing, the role of the corporate sector in the transition, hydrogen and subsidy free renewables.

Topic: ‘Greening’ existing infrastructure should be prioritised over investment into new clean energy projects

Webinar broadcast: Thursday, 9 July 2020

10h00 GMT | 11h00 London | 12h00 Amsterdam

With global investment in new renewable energy capacity (excluding large hydro-electric projects) at $282.2 billion in 2019, it is clear that there is a growing appetite to invest into new clean energy projects. But is investing large sums into new projects putting the cart before the horse? Should the focus instead, be on ‘greening’ existing infrastructure to achieve the goals set out in the European Commission’s 2030 climate and energy framework?

ࢀ¢ Will focusing investment on existing infrastructure overcome the key issue of a lack of viable projects for big balance sheets?
ࢀ¢ How far will the mismatch in the risk and returns offered to institutional investors be overcome by focusing on ‘greening’ existing infrastructure?
ࢀ¢ What is the role of governments in ensuring that there is a balance?