A report by Wind Energy Update has found that around 90 per cent of offshore wind capacity comes from Europe.

The UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany at the forefront in developing offshore wind technology.

Offshore wind power  After interviewing over 100 offshore wind experts working in the North Sea and surrounding oceans, Wind Energy Update has collated the results to give the industry the latest market data.

 Just 788.1 MW of additional offshore wind capacity was installed in 2011 as opposed to 1139.9 MW in 2010, leading to a total capacity of 3820.1 MW.

The projects adding to this include the Walney I, Walney II, Ormonde and Sheringham Shoal Wind Farms all located in UK waters, the German projects Bard 1 and Baltic 1, and the Danish Avedore site and the Portuguese Windfloat floating turbine.

Preparations also began back in 2011 for the construction of 9 other wind farms, 7 off which are located off Germany and 2 off the UK coast.

 The survery results can be viewed here

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