Largest offshore wind turbine installed by Alstom

The installation of the largest offshore wind turbine ever sited in sea waters was completed this week inAlstom 6 MW Haliade turbineEurope.

The 6 MW Haliade turbine, which has a 150-metre rotor, was installed by Alstom at the Belwind wind farm in Belgium.

The 61-metre jacket was been set on top of pillars which have been sunk to a depth exceeding 60 metres. Then the three elements of the 78-metre tower were gradually assembled on the jacket. In all, the nacelle is over 100 metres above sea level while the overall weight of the turbine and its structure is 1500 tonnes.

The turbine operates without a gearbox and because of a permanent-magnet generator, there are less mechanical parts inside it, which Alstom claims makes it more reliable and helps cut operating and maintenance costs.

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