Norwegian renewable energy company Langlee Wave Power has launched a new version of its E1 Wave Energy Converter.

Langlee says the new design is considerably lighter than the previous model and has cut production costs by 25 per cent.

The upgrade involved removing four steel columns, reducing the weight of the E1 by 40 per cent.

Langlee chief executive Julius Espedal said: “The new lightweight structure is robust enough to withstand wave conditions of up to 25 metres experienced in most coastal islands of the world.”  

“We have made the refinements following feedback from customers and shipyards so that it can be manufactured from a simple blueprint wherever a project is being delivered, offering job creation opportunities to local communities.”

The E1 Wave Energy Converter laps up wave movement through large water wings. These move in opposite directions providing power which is converted into electricity through generators.

Langlee is currently in talks over a prototype project in the Canary Islands, where the government is focused on bringing forward renewable energy solutions. The cost of energy in the islands is very high in comparison to the mainland and an area north of the archipelago is considered one of the most suitable for marine energy due to the wave conditions.

The company is also preparing for a full scale demonstration project in Norway next year after securing £800,000 from Innovation Norway and a further £1m from investors.