Landmark growth for global wind energy as Germany overtakes UK

Two separate reports released this week show the relative health of the global wind power sector.

The European Wind Energy Association and Bloomberg New Energy Finance both produced reports with the latter heralding a great year last year for the sector after a 25 per cent growth from the previous year.

There was a landmark 62,000 MW of capacity reached, according to BNEF.
Offshore wind power
Meanwhile in Europe, the UK has relinquished its crown as the table toppers in offshore wind power. The country finished second to Germany for the first time with 556 MW of offshore capacity compared to Germany’s 2282 MW last year, but there are mitigating circumstances.

The UK still has the most installed offshore wind power in Europe, at 5,061MW to Germany’s total of 3,295MW and while the UK had attracted more investment than Germany last year, installed less capacity, as Germany cleared a backlog that had built up in 2014.

Overall offshore wind investment in Europe doubled to €13.3bn last year, in a record year for that sector, even if a dip in grid connections is expected to stall that momentum in 2016.

In a sign that the industry is fast developing, year-on-year wind turbine orders were up 75 per cent last year.

E.ON was the industry’s largest developer in 2014, with 17 per cent of connections, followed closely by RWE and EnBW.

From a global perspective China’s record was most impressive last year installing 29,000 MW, a 40 per cent increase on its previous record and almost as much as the rest of the world combined.

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